Pandemic Legacy and Disaster Kits

A few days ago, a friend showed up at my condo and discovered this:

It was a serendipitous amalgamation of products: Pandemic Legacy Season 2 was there because I bought it and will be playing it for the first time tonight. Everything else was there because I took the plunge and started to assemble a real disaster kit.

You may recall me writing about this a few months ago. I’ve had the idea in my head for a long time. No, I don’t think the world is going to end. I don’t have a bunker in my backyard.

However, I’m a cautious, risk-averse person. I’m also a wimp. If a natural disaster ever strikes St. Louis, I’d rather be marginally prepared than not prepared at all.

So after writing that blog entry, I did the thing I fully expected I would do: Nothing. Despite seeing hurricanes wipe out infrastructure in Houston and Puerto Rico, I thought, “Eh, I’ll take care of that later.” I’ve spent the last 2 months hitting the snooze button on my “buy disaster kit” reminder.

But then on Saturday I was feeling motivated to actually do something for once. I figured if I picked a reasonable budget, I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. So I aimed for around $100.

I found a fantastic article detailing well-tested necessities for a disaster kit, and I focused on a few essentials:

I’ll have to replenish some of these things after a year, but that’s not bad at all. It sets me up to survive for about 2 weeks without normal access to food or water. I’ll keep this kit in the trunk of my car.

I’m also putting together some things I already have–I’ll keep these in a bag at home. These aren’t necessities, but they sure will help!

  • flashlight
  • toiletries
  • pillow/blanket
  • can opener
  • knife
  • matches
  • propane grill
  • cat documents
  • first aid kit
  • cup/fork
  • toilet paper
  • towel
  • coat
  • duct tape
  • tools

I’m sure this all sounds crazy, and I genuinely hope I’ll never use this disaster kit. But if, say, an earthquake ever hits St. Louis hard, and aid is slow and difficult to access, I know I won’t regret putting this together.

Do you have anything like this? Am I missing anything? I’m off to play Pandemic Legacy Season 2!

7 thoughts on “Pandemic Legacy and Disaster Kits”

  1. Depending on your hobbies, the ideal place to put this stuff would be in a hiking backpack or a duffel bag. That way if you need to grab it and go, you have it ready. Whether its to another place in the house, or to a neighbors. I’m sure some army surplus has good duffel bags as well.

    Now added to my list again is an emergency kit. Though the fire drill at the hotel today alerted me to how I should probably have important stuff for the next day packed to go that night.

    • Thanks Sean! I was planning on using a duffel bag in the trunk of my car. I’m on the fence about car vs. closet. I lean towards car because I’m more likely to always be near my car, and I don’t have much storage space in my home.


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