Pet Please #149: Customer Service That Calls You Instead of Leaving You on Hold

Today I got a message from my bank to inform me that they were worried about some suspicious behavior. They asked me to call them to verify that everything was okay.

I called them right away, but a customer service representative wouldn’t be available for 10 minutes. 10 minutes in real time isn’t too bad. But when you’re on hold it translates to 463 minutes (standard conversion rates apply).

That would be bad enough, but even worse is that one of my cats is really sensitive to the sounds a phone emits when it’s on speaker phone. He’ll walk over and gnaw on me until I take it off speaker. So if I’m on hold, it means the phone is up to my ear the whole time.

Anyway, normally I’d be super annoyed, but then I heard the magic words: “If you’d like for us to call you back when a representative becomes available, press 1.”

This is glorious. It really made me smile. It’s such an elegant solution to a minor–but annoying–problem.

I may not have realized it was a pet please if something similar hadn’t happened a few days before with my internet provider. My internet dropped, and when I called it in, the representative said it was a problem in the area, and I could choose to have the company call me back when service resumed. It’s just a little thing, but it’s really helpful, as it doesn’t leave me in limbo.

Do you consider this a pet please too?

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