Yep, It’s a Cat Day

It’s been an intense day in the Stonemaier Games headquarters, and I know just the thing to end on a lighter note. That’s right: It’s a cat photo day.

Biddy has really been into perching on high places lately. I was working at my desk when I heard him chirping behind me, and I looked up to see this.

He’s also been stealing my desk chair a lot. I either stand for a while or pull up another chair–how can I disturb him when he looks so comfy?

This was an odd perch. His body bridged the gap between my desk and a shelf. Who is he looking at so intently?

Walter, that’s who.

Here’s another high perch. Again, it was completely random: I was eating dinner, and I looked up to see this. Sometimes I wonder if he’s on a hunt.

I thought this was pretty cute. This is Walter waiting for me to use my half of the pillow at night.

Even though Walter spends most of his time sleeping and grooming, he has a wild side that comes out when ribbons and belts are in play.

Biddy needed to get up even higher. This, he believes, is the purpose of board games.

Finally, another photo on the shelf. As usual, it was completely random, and very important in that moment that he be here and nowhere else.

Have you found your animals/kids in any interesting locations recently?

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