How to Cure Hiccups in 6 Easy Steps

I got a case of the hiccups at the worst possible time this weekend.

On Thursday, I strained my lower back, leading to me hobbling around like an old man and not sleeping well that night. It was feeling better on Friday, but while I was out at lunch, I took an awkward sip of soda, and suddenly I had the hiccups. Normally they’re annoying, but with my back tightening at each instance, it was quite painful.

When I got home, I decided to try a series of methods to rid myself of the affliction as soon as possible. Miraculously, it worked, and I thought I’d share the method with you in case you’re ever in this situation. The only problem is that because I tried so many different methods in rapid succession, I don’t know which method or which combination of methods did the trick. To be safe, if it happens to me again, I’ll do all of these again in the same order.

Step 1: Eat two Tums, one red and one orange.

Step 2: Lay down and try to relax for 2 minutes.

Step 3: Inhale and then exhale hard. Repeat for 2 minutes.

Step 4: Eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

Step 5: Gulp down a glass of water as quickly as possible.

It’s after step 5 that my hiccups completely went away. Like, it went from one hiccup every 10 seconds to zero, zilch. However, just to make sure they didn’t return, I added one more step.

Step 6: Have a fluffy orange cat named Walter sit on your belly for 10 minutes.

I know that last step may be difficult for most people to achieve. It will likely require a trip to your local animal shelter to acquire a fluffy orange cat, but it’s worth it, because hiccups are the worst.

Have you ever instantly cured yourself of the hiccups? What was your method?


13 thoughts on “How to Cure Hiccups in 6 Easy Steps”

  1. If your hiccups do not go away, go to the hospital, its rare, but it can cause serious acid reflux.

    I have never had serious hiccups, Generally I try to breathe slowly, and put something over my mouth like a cloth or something.

  2. Eat a spoonful of sugar. Plain, white, granulated sugar. Usually works after one try – may take two tries if you’ve got a case of drunk hiccups. No contortions, no holding your breath or your nose or drinking water upside down. Just the sugar. I don’t know why it works, but it’s the only remedy I’ve used since I found out about it, and it has worked 100% of the time. I only use it if the traditional holding my breath for as long as I can doesn’t work.

    • Thanks Sara! That’s good to know. That was next on my list, followed by a spoonful of Ovaltine. The sites I read said that there’s something about granular and sticky substances that calms the vasal nerve.

  3. Sometimes the holding my breath trick works for me, but sometimes it doesn’t. If the hicups are reallllly bad here’s what I do and it has always worked for me. It’s just not really possible to do if you’re around people, unless you have no worries about looking, how shall I put this… odd.

    I get a mouthful of water – but don’t swallow it. Then, I hang my head, neck and torso as upside down as possible (Usually off the end of a bed, couch, or chair). Once in position I swallow the water.

    Awkward? Yes
    Weird? Absolutly
    Does it Work? 100% of the time for me.

  4. Have amazing, vigorous sex with the hottest person possible.

    Does it cure hiccups? I’m not sure, but if it doesn’t work, you’ve just had great sex with someone really attractive, which is a nice consolation prize for still having hiccups.

    • On a much tamer level, that was my reaction when I read online that I could eat a spoonful of sugar. I was like, “I certainly enjoy sugar, so even if this doesn’t help, at least I got to eat some sugar.”


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