Is Thor: Ragnarok the Funniest Movie of the Year?

Yes. Yes it is. In my humble opinion.

While I avoided reading reviews before watching the new Thor movie on Sunday, some quips slipped through my filter. They mentioned the humor in the movie, but they had me worried that the movie was going to be silly.

I shouldn’t have been concerned. Thor: Ragnarok was a delight to watch from start to finish. I laughed dozens of times, and not just chuckles–there were some jokes that were so funny that I missed the jokes that followed.

I think it might be the most fun I’ve had watching a superhero movie since Iron Man. That’s saying a lot, because even just this year alone I’ve really enjoyed Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, and the Marvel movies have been consistently entertaining.

I remember walking out of Iron Man with a big grin on my face. I felt that grin returning during the climactic finale of Thor: Ragnarok, just because it was so well done. That’s right, Thor isn’t just funny–it’s a nearly perfect composition of popcorn entertainment.

As you can tell, I loved the movie, and I highly recommend it. Have you seen it? Do you think it’s the funniest movie of the year?

4 thoughts on “Is Thor: Ragnarok the Funniest Movie of the Year?”

  1. Yes: there is something in there for everyone. Kiwi director Taika Waititi’s own (heavily disguised) character speaks in a thick Kiwi ‘bro accent which had the Wellington theatre where I saw it cracking up that he put in something special for us; I’m not sure the North American audience will see the full hilarity of that.

    Have to take the opportunity to highly recommend Waititi’s movie from last year “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” starring Sam Neill and a gifted child actor, Julian Dennison. Watch it with subtitles, that Kiwi accent is thuck and strong!

    • He was my favorite character–every line of his was brilliant, though I didn’t know that was a “bro” accent in New Zealand. 🙂

  2. I thought this was amazing – made me feel good going to see it. Every single bit was amazing. I listened to an interview with the director and he said that how he makes films is to think about what everyone expects to happen, and then to do the exact opposite. And he definitely did that with the ending!

    (I also watched an earlier movie of his last night: Eagle vs Shark. It was VERY different, and super weird, and kinda uncomfortable. But the highlight of the movie was when you expected one thing, and then BAM… I was in stitches :))

    • That’s a really neat approach! I can see what you’re saying, and somehow the director achieves that goal in a natural way (it doesn’t feel like he’s trying too hard).


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