A Dating App About What You Hate?

I recently saw a pitch on Shark Tank for a really interesting dating app. The concept is contrary to the way I use social media and even the way I think about relationships, but I still think it’s pretty clever.

The app is called Hater. Like other dating apps, it uses a series of questions to determine what kind of a person you are, and it uses the information to match you with people.

The twist, however, is that the matching aspect of the app is focused on what you hate. That’s actually their slogan: “Meet someone who hates the same stuff.”

Usually I would ignore anything that focuses on hate instead of love (or at least something more constructive than hate). But the guy pitching the app cited studies showing that relationship compatibility has a closer correlation to shared hates instead of shared loves.

I’m sure this holds some truth, though it hasn’t exactly been my experience. In fact, I can remember several dates where the women just seemed really pessimistic, and that was a big turnoff for me. But perhaps it works for Hater’s users, particularly with light categories like “cargo shorts” and “Pokemon Go.”

Also, I have to say that the business model is pretty clever. The app is free to use, but advertisers can pay to get their brand included in the list of questions.

What do you think about this app? Do you connect more with people over stuff you love or stuff you hate?