How Can You Find Friends Looking for a Job?

I have a conundrum.

Last week I realized I needed to hire someone for the holidays to work in our warehouse. Now, to avoid confusion, we don’t own a warehouse, but a ton of our games just arrived at a warehouse in St. Louis that we outsource to store and ship out games. There are only 2 people who run the warehouse, and 1 of them has the flu. They need help with my shipments.

I wanted to find someone (a) competent and (b) available. There’s no time for a proper hiring/vetting process; plus, it’s only a job for 5-10 hours a week for the next few weeks. So I wanted it to be someone I know, someone available during daytime hours right now.

However, I simply cannot figure out how to search for this information. It seems like something that should be readily available. I checked the most obvious place–LinkedIn–and while I can filter my connections by location, there’s no option to see if someone is currently available.

The alternative is to post it on Facebook as a general “looking for” post. That’s a broadcast, though, while I’m looking for a search. I want to search people I know in St. Louis who are available for work.

Do you know how to do this? What’s the secret?