How Can You Find Friends Looking for a Job?

I have a conundrum.

Last week I realized I needed to hire someone for the holidays to work in our warehouse. Now, to avoid confusion, we don’t own a warehouse, but a ton of our games just arrived at a warehouse in St. Louis that we outsource to store and ship out games. There are only 2 people who run the warehouse, and 1 of them has the flu. They need help with my shipments.

I wanted to find someone (a) competent and (b) available. There’s no time for a proper hiring/vetting process; plus, it’s only a job for 5-10 hours a week for the next few weeks. So I wanted it to be someone I know, someone available during daytime hours right now.

However, I simply cannot figure out how to search for this information. It seems like something that should be readily available. I checked the most obvious place–LinkedIn–and while I can filter my connections by location, there’s no option to see if someone is currently available.

The alternative is to post it on Facebook as a general “looking for” post. That’s a broadcast, though, while I’m looking for a search. I want to search people I know in St. Louis who are available for work.

Do you know how to do this? What’s the secret?

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  1. I can work. Can you compensate travel expenses for temporary relocation.? Blah Blah Blah

  2. What I do is run ad in Craigslist section for my town, and specify local. If you are willing to reveal company name in ad, you could add “known to company” and “available” for whatever number of hours and duration you need.
    Good Luck, ?

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      Thanks Dorothy! I like that idea in general, but I wish I could specifically target people I personally know.

      • Might this be a time for a small mass email to your Contacts Book listings, filtered for location and people you already know? Or would such filters or separate Contacts Book for such persons, if not already existing, be too much work and take too long to institute? I hope that your post here might do the trick!

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