Do You Eat Fruit with or without the Skin?

I continue to be intrigued by the different foods people like/dislike and different ways people eat food. That’s what today’s topic is about.

I have a friend who, as I recently learned, only eats peeled fruit. Pears, peaches, apples, plums, even grapes…they all must be peeled.

Her reason was interesting, as my parents taught me almost the exact opposite (and I don’t know who’s right). Her perspective is that the skin of the fruit soaks up and retails all of the chemicals fruit is sprayed with, so if you peel the skin, you remove the chemicals.

My parents, however, always encouraged us to eat the skin, saying that it was good for our digestive system. In fact, I think they may have said that the best nutrients of a piece of fruit are in the skin.

As a result, I prefer to eat fruit with skin. Other than citrus fruits, bananas, and kiwi, I eat the skin of every fruit. I’m the Buffalo Bill of fruit. (Or would that mean that I remove the skin and wear it?)

I’m curious to see which category you fall into. Are you a skin eater or a skin peeler?