Twins Day 2018

On March 1, 2006, something incredible happened. I’ve commemorated it every year since then on my blog. My coworkers and I were enjoying lunch together in the meeting room of my first “real” job. Halfway through my sandwich, I looked over at my coworker, Tracy, and realized that she and I were wearing similar outfits. … Read more

Biddy’s 11th Birthday

My first cat, Biddy, turned 11 years old on Friday. It turned out to be a bit of a unique birthday, because Walter had some blood in his stool, resulting in a last-minute trip to the vet. Walter’s okay, and perhaps Biddy enjoyed the few hours of peace he got while Walter was away. Here’s … Read more

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

A few weeks ago I learned something about eggs. I’m not a big egg eater. If you put some eggs on my plate, I would eat them, but I wouldn’t seek them out. I don’t get excited about them. There is one exception, but I’ll get to that in a minute. A few weeks ago … Read more

I May Have Solved Brunch

Let’s be clear: Brunch doesn’t need fixing. It’s a hearty breakfast, but served around lunchtime. I love it. However, I’ve found a small issue with brunch. My body wants savory for sustenance and nutrients, but my mind wants sweet. As a result, I’m always faced with a conundrum at brunch: Do I get a savory … Read more

What Did You Think of Black Panther?

I got lucky and was able to watch Black Panther today. I say “lucky” because I assumed that a 4:00 show on a Sunday–even for a highly anticipated movie from Marvel/Disney–would be easy to buy tickets for at the box office. But on a whim, just in case, I ended up buying them in advance. … Read more