Why I Didn’t Write a Blog Post Yesterday

Yesterday was a weird day.

It was weird, but it was also normal. And the normality made it weird. And sad. And frustrating.

Yesterday afternoon, I was playtesting a game in my home office in St. Louis while a teenager used a legally purchased semi-automatic assault rifle to kill 17 students and teachers at a high school in Florida.

It was a tragic act of violence that left me filled with sadness. But I continued on with my day, and eventually I sat down to write a blog post around 10:30 pm. I perused my usual backlist of topics, but I just couldn’t find it in myself to write about one of them. It didn’t feel write to ignore the tragedy.

Instead, I searched back through my blog entries to the post I wrote about Sandy Hook 6 years ago. The Sandy Hook killer also used an AR-15 rifle, same as the guy in Florida. I remember thinking in 2012 that after the shooting, there was no question that something big would change regarding gun laws. Surely Congress wouldn’t sit idle while kindergartners are slaughtered.

But you know the story. You’re in the future too.

I paced around my room last night, trying to think about what I could say that could make a difference. But I felt helpless. I literally couldn’t think of anything I could say or do that would result in any time of change. I paced for over an hour, and finally I just resigned to go to bed.

Today I Facetimed with my niece. This is her:


Anna is the most precious little girl. She’ll turn 5 in a few months, and next year she’ll go to kindergarten. That’s when, in the eyes of Congress, she’ll be eligible to come face-to-face with an AR-15, just like at Sandy Hook.

That absolutely crushes me. It devastates me. Just as I’m sure the friends and family of victims in Florida are devastated today.

I don’t know the demographics of my readers, but I have to ask: If you use your vote to protect the second amendment, would you consider using your vote so that kids like Anna can’t be killed in the classroom by AR-15s? I know there are lots of variables in play, but couldn’t we at least try that for a few years to see if it helps?

My heart goes out to those in Florida. I’m sorry I didn’t have the words for you yesterday.