I May Have Solved Brunch

Let’s be clear: Brunch doesn’t need fixing. It’s a hearty breakfast, but served around lunchtime. I love it.

However, I’ve found a small issue with brunch. My body wants savory for sustenance and nutrients, but my mind wants sweet.

As a result, I’m always faced with a conundrum at brunch: Do I get a savory dish and leave myself wanting for something sweet, or do I order a sweet dish and feel a little unhealthy for the rest of the day?

I’ve discovered a third option. I may have solved brunch.

I mentioned the problem to a few friends while at brunch on Saturday, and it resonated with them. That’s when it hit me: If I’m not alone in this desire, why don’t I order a savory dish as my meal and also order a sweet dish to share? That way everyone can have their filling, savory meal, but they get to finish it with a small dose of sweet.

It worked perfectly. I ordered some short rib sliders for my meal and bananas foster French toast to share. I ate one of the sliders and half of one of the three pieces of French toast. It was just the right amount of savory and sweet.

Unless I end up eating brunch with a lot of people who want a sweet dish as their main course, I think I’m going to do this from now on.

What do you think? How do you brunch?

7 thoughts on “I May Have Solved Brunch”

  1. I solve the conundrum differently – Full English, which a lot of places does as an all day breakfast.

    2 Sausages, 2 bacon, baked beans, fried mushrooms, fried tomato, scrambled (or fried) egg, maybe a couple of hash browns if it’s a place that does good breakfasts, rarely a black pudding – barely anyone does those as part of their english breakfast round here – and fried bread or toast.

    A filling, savory, meal and far less healthy than whatever sweet breakfast might have been.

  2. I almost always brunch sweet, especially if they have sweet crepes. I think standard for me is eating some sort of breakfast item since I never go out to eat for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll break from sweet to have Eggs Benedict, but that’s only if they serve pancakes instead of waffles, crepes or french toast.

    • Denise and Joe: I love eggs benedict! That’s hard to pass up. And I prefer sweet crepes to savory, so if I go to a creperie, I get a nutella/banana/peanut butter crepe with bacon on the side.

  3. For me, brunch is Eggs Benedict, a few pieces of exceptionally crisp bacon, coffee, and some succulent fruit at the end.


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