The Neighbor and the Christmas Tree

My condo is on the second floor of an eight-story building. Today I walked downstairs to check the mail, and I noticed that the stairs were covered in a thick layer of pine needles.

I knew the source right away. Earlier in the day I was taking out the trash, and I noticed a Christmas tree by the dumpster. Someone had dragged it from the apartment down the stairs and down the hallway, leaving a trail of pine needles–thousands of them–the entire way.

I looked at the trail in disbelief. It’s as if someone sprinkled trash all over the building. Who would do that? Who would leave something like this for the kindly maintenance man to clean up?

I noticed the trail leading up the stairs. Surely the person wasn’t dumb enough to leave the trail all the way back to their doorway, right?

So I followed the trail up the stairs. Second floor. Third floor. Fourth floor. Finally, at the fifth floor, it stopped.

I opened the door and continued to follow it. For a second I thought they stopped at 503, but the trail continued down the hall…right up to unit 504, clear as day.

Unbelievable. Not only had someone trashed 2 hallways and 5 flights of stairs, but they essentially put a big sign on their head saying that they are the culprit!

I didn’t do or say anything, but I’m wondering if I should. Would it do any good to leave a sign near the mailboxes identifying the guilty unit? What would that accomplish? It feels like they should be held accountable in some way.

What do you think?