My Greatest Fear #63: Going to the Hospital During the Pandemic

I have a long list of “greatest fear” blog posts, the purpose of which is to poke fun at myself for my odd paranoias (and to see if anyone else can relate). Today’s post is a little different, though, because it’s a very real concern.

It started a few weeks ago when I read an article about how some people are avoiding trips to the hospital even when they should go to the hospital. I don’t think that anyone wants to go to the hospital at any time, but during a pandemic, the last place I want to go is the place that’s filled with sick people.

The humor in this fear is that I’m wary of certain things that I normally wouldn’t think twice about. Things like falling down the stairs, pulling out a tooth while chewing on a caramel, or cutting off a finger while slicing bread. I never want those things to happen, but now I actively think about them.

Has anything like this occurred to you during the pandemic? Are you more likely to avoid a trip to the hospital than in normal times?

4 Responses to “My Greatest Fear #63: Going to the Hospital During the Pandemic”

  1. Yeah, it happened recently. I had a major kidney stone crisis during the night and spent 10 hours at the hospital in total. And it was not even an accident or something I could have avoided. It simply happened.

    At first I was scared specially because I have very close people in the risk group.

    However I was very well treated and stayed isolated in a room for the entire time except to go to the bathroom and get an x-ray of my kidneys.

    It has been almost 3 weeks ago and no one at home got sick 🙂 phew!

  2. Jessica says:

    Yeah, I’m avoiding anything having to do with going to a doctor not only to protect myself from exposure, but also because I don’t want to put a burden on the healthcare provider. A good friend of mine is a doctor and things are pretty rough for her. It makes me think a lot harder about whether or not I need to see a doctor. If things got bad enough I’d go, but for the moment I am just happy I’m healthy right now.

  3. Jamey Stegmaier says:

    “also because I don’t want to put a burden on the healthcare provider.” That’s a selfless approach, Jessica–I’m glad you mentioned that.

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