A Car Door Getting Knocked Off (My Greatest Fear #66)

Every single time I open my car door on any street, I’m worried that some driving past will swipe the door right off the car.

I’m 42 years old. I’ve been driving for 25 years. Not once has a car collided with an open door. Yet I still worry it will happen.

In my mind, each lane of a road is just barely big enough to fit a car. So if I’m parking on the side of a street and open the door, the door is occupying a space that cars need. And I assume that most drivers aren’t paying attention to people opening doors.

This paranoia hasn’t made a negative impact on the way I live my life. It just means that I wait for cars to pass before getting in or out of my car, which generally seems like a good safety standard to adhere to anyway.

Yet I still chuckle at myself every time, as I know the movie version of reality in my mind–where cars are constantly barreling down the street, ripping open doors from their hinges–is far from reality.

Do you share this fear? Has it ever been validated?

5 thoughts on “A Car Door Getting Knocked Off (My Greatest Fear #66)”

  1. Yes. But there is a reason. It happened after a cousin’s funeral ( before I was old enough to drive). We arrived to the house that was hosting a luncheon, and one of my older cousins opened their door and it was hit by a car going by.
    It was the last thing we needed to deal with seeing that the funeral was for an 18year old as a result of a traffic accident and there was an accident during the funeral procession. The next day, one of his brothers pointed out that he and his best friend were probably looking down laughing at all of us

  2. I love reading about these kinds of sub-conscious daily habits… that we all share but rarely ever talk about. This happened to me today actually. I looked out my driver’s side window, waited for a break in the traffic and then quickly exited the car. But it was a smaller break in traffic than I had anticipated, so I squeezed up closer to my own car to make doubly sure that I was safe! Thankfully I’m here to recall the tale of my not-very-near miss 🙂

  3. Yes!! I share this fear .

    When I used to ride motorbikes in my youth and classic Vespa scooters , I was paranoid a car door would “see me off “ riding down a busy street with parked cars either side.
    As a car driver I now always worry that mainly one of my passengers could do it to a car or more likely a motorbike ( as you don’t see them so easily)

    We had a very narrow escape a few years back dropping our Charlie off near where we live and he just flung the car door open and a car swerved out the way and didn’t even beep their horn!
    My heart was in my mouth and I realised it was my fault for not ensuring he didn’t do that . I’m hoping it learnt both him and myself a lesson 🙂


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