Pet Please #164: Mocktails

Quite recently we decided we were comfortable eating at restaurants again after a long 3 years of cooking from home and getting takeout/delivery. We’re still concerned about the COVID risk, so we’re proceeding with caution, but it has been really nice to enjoy a meal with friends and family at a few local restaurants.

When I go to a restaurant, I like to treat myself to a special drink. I enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink, but the “alcohol” portion of such a treat is rarely something I care about; rather, I just like interesting mixed drinks and unique hard ciders.

So at visits to Yellowbelly and Akar recently, I was delighted to see some delicious-looking mocktails on the menu. Honestly, I haven’t really paid attention to mocktails in the past, but for me a well-made mocktail scratches the same itch as a cocktail. Plus, sometimes I have the inkling of a headache, and alcohol will make it worse.

That’s my pet please of the week: fun, fancy mocktails at restaurants! Do you ever drink mocktails instead of cocktails?

2 thoughts on “Pet Please #164: Mocktails”

  1. I LOVE mocktails and I love that they’re becoming more popular and available on menus! All I ever want is fancy juice soda. Yum.


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