What’s an Exception to a Food You Typically Avoid?

I’m open to eating most things. There are a few foods that my body doesn’t react well to (mint, olives, white wine, etc), but for the most part, I’ll eat it. However, there’s a small subcategory of foods that just don’t excite me.

Cabbage is one such food. As a kid, my parents served corned beef and cabbage a few times a year. I liked the corned beef, but the boiled cabbage was a soggy and bland. (Sorry Mom!) I see cabbage in salads and other dishes–usually blending in with more flavorful ingredients–and it’s always fine…but it’s never exceeded “fine.”

Until now.

I’ve written about an amazing, special-occasion level restaurant in St. Louis called Bulrush. I’ve eaten there in the spring and summer, and a few days ago we went for the fall. We request pescatarian/vegetarian food when we go there. Midway through the meal when everyone else was served a popover (another throwback to my childhood), we received a piece of grilled cabbage.

I wasn’t thrilled to see cabbage on my plate, but Chef Rob knows what he’s doing: This grilled veggie was the best piece of cabbage I’ve ever eaten. I savored every bite, and it made me excited about what cabbage can be. I wish I knew more about what he did to put so much flavor into the cabbage–I may need to experiment a bit to find out.

Have you ever experienced this with a food you previously avoided or thought was just “fine”? I’d love to hear about it!

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