What’s Your Travel Hobby?

A combination of our recent trip to Branson and a friend’s engagement made me realize something that I wish I had learned many years ago: I think there’s a huge benefit in having a travel hobby, particularly if you share that hobby with your partner. By “travel hobby” I’m referring to a hobby that’s already … Read more

Groupvergence 2023

Over an extended version of the last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending an event with 30+ friends, many of whom I know on some level through Megan. They’re delightful people, and I love letting my inner (and outer) nerd thrive when I’m with them. In years past, this group of friends attended a … Read more

How Is Walter Doing?

It’s been two weeks since we said goodbye to Biddy, and the outreach from various people has meant a lot to me (and brought me to tears many times, in a good way). A number of people have asked about our remaining cat, Walter. Walter is around 13 years old, and he spent most of … Read more

Biddy Birthday Archive

I’ve mentioned my sweet boy, Biddy, in this blog countless times, and today as I mourn him I found some solace in revisiting the birthday posts I wrote about him over the years (along with a few other posts). To make it easier for me to find them in the future, I’m putting everything I … Read more

Goodbye to Biddy

It is with a heavy heart that today I said goodbye to the sweetest, smartest, most curious cat. Biddy’s struggle with intestinal lymphoma came to an end this morning. Despite his frail, failing body, he was wholly Biddy to the end: hungry, talkative, and loving. Megan and I held him in our laps as the … Read more