Pros Caddying for Other Pros (Pet Please #166)

With the 2023 disc golf season coming to a close with a fun tournament this past weekend, I thought I would share one of my favorite things I saw this season: Pros caddying for other pros.

There are various examples of this throughout the season, including quite a few times that friends who were eliminated or hurt caddied for other friends. There were also a few high-profile examples, like when Paul McBeth got hurt at the European finals and decided to caddy for Anthony Barela.

I like the camaraderie and humility this demonstrates, added to the sheer love of the sport. If they can’t play, they still want to be out there on the course having a positive impact. Awesome!

By far my favorite example, though, is James Proctor caddying for Ella Hansen. It’s unusual and notable mostly because James frequently had to play the same course just after finishing up a round as Ella’s caddy.

I’m guessing this happens in ball golf from time to time. Can you think of examples from other sports?

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