Pet Please #168: Liquid Bandage

Do you know what a liquid bandage is? I ask because I had no idea until a few years ago. It’s almost exactly how it sounds: If you have a small wound, you open a little bottle that smells like nail polish remover, and you dab a little liquid onto the wound. Within a few minutes, the liquid becomes a solid, protectively covering your skin in a coating that lasts a few days.

It’s great. I don’t use it often, but it really comes in handy in the winter when my hands get dry and skin cracks. There’s a place near my thumb that will crack and just not heal at all for months unless I “glue” it shut with liquid bandage.

Liquid bandage is also super helpful if you scrape your knee and need to get into water (where bacteria abounds). While a normal bandage would soak up the water, liquid bandage is typically waterproof.

It probably sounds like this post is a paid advertisement for New Skin, but I swear it’s just a product that has had a positive impact on my health. I don’t use it for every scrape or wound, but especially for hand stuff, it’s a huge help. Have you tried it?

3 thoughts on “Pet Please #168: Liquid Bandage”

  1. Used liquid bandage for years! But now I’m concerned about your cracked skin – maybe you can try stronger hand creams after washing or a less drying hand soap. Or vaseline at night – I got that from Of Mice and Men.

    • Thanks! We have some good lotions, but certain places right near my thumbnails seem to crack even if I use the lotion. I appreciate the recommendations!

  2. Used it many times it’s really great, I also found another product bleed stop that works amazingly well at creating rapid coagulation.


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