What Is the Best Dark Chocolate?

Megan and I recently attended what I thought was going to be a chocolate-making class at the Botanical Gardens, but it turned out to be a chocolate-tasting class–even better!

During the class we learned about how chocolate is made and different ingredients to look for on packaging to determine the quality and sustainability of the chocolate. Look for vanilla, not vanillin, for example.

I primarily eat chocolate that’s between 30-50% cocoa, the darker side of milk chocolate. But I was looking forward to discovering some darker chocolate that have the same great taste but less sugar.

During the class and afterwards we tried 45 different chocolates (the teacher bought 45 different chocolate bars and broke them into little pieces). My favorites are as follows in alphabetical order:

  • Alter-Eco Fair Trade Organic Super Blackout (90%)
  • Chocolove Strong Dark Chocolate (70%)
  • Culinaria Premium Belgian Extra Dark Chocolate (70%)
  • Endangered Species Fair Trade Organic Almost & Salt (72%)
  • Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic Extremely Dark Chocolate (88%)
  • Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate (85%)
  • Kakao Chocolate Wafers (72%)
  • Moonstruck Dreamy Dark Chocolate
  • Perugina Espresso Flavored Dark Chocolate (51%)
  • Scharffen Berger Dark Chocolate (70%)
  • Schogetten Dark Chocolate
  • Valrhona Caraibe (66%)

I’ve also had good experiences with Theo chocolate and Beyond Good chocolate.

I had a great time trying such a wide variety of chocolates, and I have some new favorites to replace some of the sweeter chocolate I’ve eaten in the past. Do you have a favorite dark chocolate?

8 thoughts on “What Is the Best Dark Chocolate?”

  1. Amano Artisan Chocolate Sambriano Valley Madagascar. I’m from Utah and this is a Utah company that I love supporting. Art, who owns the company is great guy as well!

  2. I haven’t had most of those. However, my favorite is Scharffen Berger – especially for baking. It totally changed the texture of my already-good cakes for the better. I also like Ghirardelli for some things and Godiva or See’s for just eating. I don’t do coffee of any kind, so chocolate combined with coffee would be lost on me/I can’t opine. It’s funny how I wouldn’t touch dark chocolate as a child, but now it’s my favorite.

  3. Ghirardelli Dark is my go-to for baking. I don’t have a specific favorite chocolatier overall, I just tend to stick with 65-72% dark chocolate.

    Riverside Chocolate Factory in McHenry IL has the best amaretto cordials.

    See’s Candies has some of the best truffles, I’m particularly a fan of their blueberry and key lime but I love almost every one of theirs I’ve tried, and they are definitely all better than the other local options.

    Vosges has some fun flavor options in their bars, like parmesan/walnut/fig, manchego/cherry, and turmeric/ginger. They used to have a flavor called Red Fire that was just perfection (dark chocolate, cinnamon, and ancho chiles), which you also used to be able to get as Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Wedges, but sadly Vosges discontinued all versions of Red Fire. Hopefully it returns some day.


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