The Rom Com of Your Life

I asked people on Twitter the other day what their favorite romantic comedies were. I got some great answers, most of which I had seen, but there were a few diamonds in the rough that I’ll have to watch before April (in April I’ll embark on Script Frenzy).

Many of you gave me great feedback about some of the random ideas I’ve had. I’d love to open up the conversation a bit further about rom coms, specifically in terms of the rom coms we’ve all lived at some point. What are some of the funniest things to happen to you while you’ve romanced someone? What’s the oddest date you’ve ever been on? What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you or you for them? Are there any aspects of many rom coms that you completely relate to, or others that you think are ridiculous?

Any of this content may end up in some form in my script!

11 thoughts on “The Rom Com of Your Life”

  1. Hmm…I doubt I’m giving you anything usable, but maybe some of your readers will get a laugh! Some funny/odd things from my history:

    On my very first date, ever, I took the dessert off of the dessert tray and proceeded to raise my fork to eat it. Luckily my kind date stopped me from devouring a piece of cake that was days old.

    Also in high school my parents, without my knowledge, waited for me to get home from a date and proceeded to open the garage door the second we started to kiss, much to my dismay.

    Once I was at a park with my boyfriend and we were kissing in his car. All of sudden bright beams shot in the car and a police officer was literally dragging him out, asking me if I was there on my own free will!

    I once had a boyfriend who had flowers and balloons delivered to me by a person dressed like a gorilla. I have no idea why.

    Jamey, I think you should share a good story. 🙂

    And I’m curious about what other people have to share. These are great questions!

    • Wow, these are fantastic, Penelope. Thanks so much for sharing. I think my favorite is the first one–I could see that being a funny moment in a number of contexts.

      One of the things I’m thinking about doing for the movie is having a “Brothers Bloom”-style opening narration/montage so you can get to know some of the people in the movie, especially the main characters. Like, show their history really quickly–their first crush, their first kiss, first date, etc. So these little stories could contribute really well to a “slideshow” like that.

      My first kiss was terrible, by no fault of the girl. I simply didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t think it would be so…wet. I didn’t close my eyes, and I felt like I was struggling just to hang in there. I remember walking inside, looking in the mirror, and thinking, “I sure hope it gets better than that!” But I figured it out for the second kiss, and it was MUCH better.

      My first date was to go see the movie Powder. I think we held hands. I think I spent considerably more time talking with friends before the date about the different approaches for physical contact in the movie theater than I actually spent on the date.

      I once made a dictionary of a relationship with one of my long-term girlfriends. I don’t know if it was particularly romantic, but it was comprehensive. I went back through thousands of e-mails and pulled out the funny parts and the things that defined her and I, indexed them, and put them in a book. There’s probably some good fodder in there for this script.

      I’m trying to think if I’ve ever been on any truly weird or awkward dates. I think I’m pretty good at taking the awkward edge off of most situations, so I can’t recall a date like that. I did go on one date where I called a cute girl I barely knew out of the blue…the date was so-so, but it was kind of awkward, simply because the sheer amount of revealing information that came out during the date. You never know who you’re going to get when you go out on a date like that.

      However, I’ve never been on a truly blind date. That might be an interesting experience, to truly go in blind. Has anyone done that?

      • I love your descriptions of your first kiss and how you chatted with your friends about ways to get physical in the movie theater. Haha. 🙂

        The dictionary idea is absolutely awesome to me. I think that’s a fantastic way to show someone you care and document characteristics that mattered!

    • Kelleen–Oo, I really like that! He gave you a star! That is really neat. And you’re right, it’ll never go away.

      I’ve heard you can also “buy” plots of land on the moon and Mars.

  2. In college I being wooed by a music major who had the most beautiful baritone voice (think Josh Groban, but more manly) and we walked down the Riverwalk where I live (San Antonio) and we stopped at the outdoor theatre. He sat me down on the empty seats and climb over the footbridge to stage (good thing there wasn’t already a performance going on) and he sang to me (acapella) the most beautiful italian aria. I have never been serenaded like that since.


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