How to Turn Heat to Cold Without Melting Your Hand

As a rule, my body is almost always cold.

My heating bill in the frigid St. Louis winter goes up by about $100 each month. This is a problem. I’ve tried “wearing more layers” and “turning the heat down to 77 degrees,” but there has to be a better way.

So I bought a Dyson heater/fan.

It’s a rather miraculous device. Without any moving blades or hot-to-the-touch surfaces, it generates an immense amount of hot (or cool) air that you can point in any direction. It’s not silent, but it’s relatively quiet. It passes the cat test.

I primarily keep mine where I eat dinner, a particularly drafty section of the house. It lets me keep the heat down to a reasonable 72, and I pump the Dyson heater up to 78, my natural habitat. It’s awesome.

While I’m here talking about the winter, I want to give a quick shoutout to Biddy and Walter, who have gotten closer to snuggling with each other than ever before. I think it’s the winter cold that’s making them gravitate towards each other. Each of the following photos was taken on a different day. Look–they’re actually touching in one of them!




1 thought on “How to Turn Heat to Cold Without Melting Your Hand”

  1. That’s too cute! I especially love the first picture. Walter is nicely snuggle in the blanket. 🙂 They are actually kind of touching/fur touching in two photos. I’m glad they tolerate each other even more so everyday. 😀


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