Back in My Day, Phones Had Cords

textinginclassActually, that’s not true. My father got a cell phone through his job when I was in high school (late ’90s). Back then it was called a “car phone” because the battery didn’t last very long. It was the size of an electric razor.

The point is, we didn’t have cell phones like most kids do today. Which meant that it simply wasn’t an option for us to text, play games, check e-mail, and surf the web during class. I’m hear that’s a big issue in schools these days.

So when I read about an app that incentivizes students to not text in class, rewarding them with discounts from local businesses, I thought the idea was pretty brilliant.

The app, called Pocket Points, works like this: Before class starts, a student loads the app and locks their phone. The longer they don’t touch their phone (I’m assuming this means they don’t even look at it, the more points they earn. Local businesses can sign up to let students redeem those points.

Phones are great, but they create a constant distraction, which can wreck havoc on the learning process. Kudos to Pocket Points for thinking of an innovative solution to this.