Have You Tried Yotta? I Love It!

I’m totally hooked on Yotta, a bank account with a weekly lottery for up to $10 million. When a friend mentioned it a few weeks ago, my first thought was, “That can’t be right.” But I’ve researched it quite a bit and signed up to experience it first hand, and it’s completely legitimate. It works … Read more

What’s the Most Dangerous Activity You Participate in?

I was reading through my high school alumni newsletter today, and I noticed a really interesting company started by a fellow alum (albeit somehow who graduated years after me–I don’t know them). It’s called Buddy, and it’s an insurance company that offers accident coverage. Here’s how they describe themselves: Buddy is an insurance agency built … Read more

The Future of Toilet Paper

I’ve been hesitant to write about this topic, as there’s really no way to discuss it without making some people uncomfortable. However, I just can’t help but share, because if you’re not aware of what I’m about to discuss, I’m near certain it will make your life better. We’re going to spend a few minutes … Read more