Look Under Your Seats!

I have a new bucket list goal: I want to tell people to look under their seats and find something awesome there.

I’ve never been in a crowd when this has happened, but I love the idea of this. It’s like a legacy game in real life: You get to unlock something special that’s been within your reach this whole time and you didn’t even know it.

I imagine this being a moment of delight for everyone who looks under their seat and finds something. The same thing should be under every seat, right? I guess you could have different people getting different things, but I think this particular surprise works best if everyone gets it. It’s a shared moment for the audience.

The question is: Where, who, and what? The event or location needs to be a place where I have hidden access to all of the seats in advance (and an opportunity to make sure the bottom of the seats aren’t disgusting). The people need to be those who will appreciate the gesture and will have fun with it. And the thing needs to be able to fit in an envelope (i.e., not a kitten), and it needs to be something most people will enjoy (yet thematically tied to me or my company).

Also, what’s the best timing to tell people to look under their seats? It doesn’t have to be a talk, but if it is, should it happen at the beginning, middle, or end?

I want to make this work. Any ideas? Have you ever been in an audience when this happened?