Would You Eat This?

Every now and then I hear about an idea so brilliant that I wonder why it wasn’t executed years ago.

So, we all know that 6-pack rings (the kind that hold sodas and beer) are terrible for the environment. A lot of them end up strangling birds and fish in the ocean. Even if you clip them, animals can die by trying to eat them.

Saltwater Brewery stepped up to solve this problem. They invented an edible, biodegradeable 6-pack ring from barley and wheat remnants from the brewing process. It appears to function as a perfect alternative to plastic.

Now, I’m sure it’s a few cents more expensive to make. But a few cents must be worth it, right? I hope some of the big beer manufacturers will try it out.

Here’s the 2-minute video about it:

7 thoughts on “Would You Eat This?”

  1. Australia doesn’t use plastic six pack rings. I’m not sure if it’s self-regulated by the beer/alcohol industry or an outright ban instigated by the government. Either way, it’s a good first step.

    The biodegradable packaging idea is neat. If it take off it’ll be a plus for the environment. That said, I think most breweries would take the path of least resistance and go for existing, proven and dependable alternatives over nascent and innovative ideas. For-profit corporations are predictable like this if nothing else.

    There would need to be external influence either through regulation or consumer demand to really shift the tide.


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