Best of the Blog 2016

I’m gearing up for my end-of-year posts next week about my favorite books, movies, games, and songs of 2016. But for now, I’ll start with the most-read entries on my personal blog this year.

It was interesting to look back at the stats for this year, notably because two of the most-read entries are also the two that I have no interest in revisiting (so I’m not putting them on this list).

I rarely talk about controversial stuff on this blog because I simply don’t enjoy controversy. I think my motivations at the time were that I felt the need to start a conversation. The conversation never seems to end up being productive, though–it’s just people attacking each other instead of trying to connect (while expressing opinions in a way that other people might actually hear them).

Other than those two entries (about the Oscars and the election), here are the most-read posts on my blog this year. Apparently people like Top 10 lists!

  1. My Top 10 Favorite Tabletop Games (as of August 2016)
  2. Top 10 Games in My Collection (If I Had to Give Away the Others)
  3. Top 10 Games I Want to Play for the First Time at Geekway
  4. Have You Read the Best Harry Potter Book?
  5. Top 10 Foods I Won’t Eat

Whether this is the first post you read in 2016 or the the 250th, thank you for joining me here!

Here’s last year’s list.

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