Adoption Day

36 years ago, a few days after I was born, I was adopted by my parents. Technically, I was adopted before that, but January 12 was the day my parents picked me up and took me home to Virginia.

Birthdays don’t do much for me, but I usually take a few minutes to pause in gratitude for my adoption day. It’s pretty amazing that my biological mother had the generosity and selflessness to give me to parents who could take care of me the way she thought I deserved.

It’s equally incredible that my parents made the loving choice to make me their son. They chose meHow awesome is that?!

I feel very, very blessed to have this life.

Today, in addition to celebrating my adoption day, I’d like to celebrate the adoption day of all my fellow adoptees. Old and young, men and women, humans and cats…your story is different than mine, but we share a common bond. It’s a badge of honor for me to share that bond with you.


If you’re new to the blog, you may not know my adoption story, but if you’re curious, feel free to check out this trilogy of article written by me, my birthmother and my parents).

6 Responses to “Adoption Day”

  1. margot says:

    You continue to be the sweetest gift ever. I loved you then and love you now and forever and always.

  2. ibrahack says:

    Happy adoption day, Jamey!

  3. Joe Pilkus says:


    That’s wonderful of you to share this with us…Happy Adoption Day!


  4. Kevin says:

    Awesome!! My wife’s first cousin’s family are about to finalize the adoption of two brothers, ages 5 and 2. Adoption is such an amazing gift for both parents and children.

  5. […] Regardless of your experience, if you’re adopted too, I hope it’s okay if I celebrate my kinship with you today. It’s perfectly normal that we’re adopted–there’s no stigma in it–but it’s also something special and unique that we share. I like how I said it in my post a few years ago: […]

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