What’s the Age of Your Oldest Pet?

My wonderful cat, Biddy, turned 10 today. 10 years old! I’m so proud of him.

I adopted Biddy from a rescue shelter when he was just a few weeks old, and it’s been amazing to watch him grow up. He’s had a rough couple of years due to his diabetes, but he’s endured, and just this week I got the news from his vet that the diabetes is in remission. I’m sure Biddy will enjoy not being poked with a syringe twice a day if/when that day comes.

To celebrate his birthday, I baked him a cookie:

Just kidding! Cats can’t eat cookies. I let him smell my cookie, and then I let him resume his position on my chair while I stood and worked:

I did give him a little extra food today and access to all of his toys. Oh, and his cousins (my niece and nephew) sang “happy birthday” to him over Facetime. He was not amused…but I think he had a good day. Happy birthday, Biddy!

What’s the age of your oldest pet, past or present?