How Often Do You Go Grocery Shopping?

I have a pretty incredible streak in progress.

Normally I go grocery shopping once a week. That’s right about the time that I start to run out of the essentials: baby spinach, orange juice, milk, and chocolate.

As of right now, close to midnight on March 22, it’s been 16 days since I’ve been to the grocery store. My last visit was on March 6.

I have an odd sense of pride in this, and I think I know why: Each day I don’t go grocery shopping is a day I dive deeper into cooking with ingredients I already have, ingredients that I’d rather use than adding more food to the pile.

I take for granted that I have unlimited access to food. This is a chance for me to utilize all the food sitting on my shelf and in my freezer.

But one thing that came to mind as I was reveling in my streak (which will, admittedly, soon end) is that when I lived in Japan, I went grocery shopping almost every day, and it didn’t seem weird at all. I had a small fridge, and there were two grocery stores within a 1-minute walk.

Rather than plan ahead for food I might eat, I would simply stop in to buy the ingredients I knew for sure I would eat that night. And it allowed me to focus on fresh ingredients rather than risk food going bad after several days.

I’m curious what kind of approach you use. Do you buy in bulk? Do you buy for tonight? Or are your grocery store habits somewhere in between?