Love Has No Labels

About a month ago, I saw a commercial on YouTube about diversity and acceptance that warmed my heart.

I thought about writing a blog post about it, but I couldn’t figure out what to say. I had no greater message to share, no controversy to brew, no marketing analysis to make.

I still don’t have anything particularly poignant to say about this commercial. But tonight I watched some of the other commercials this organization made, and I really liked them too. There’s one with John Cena talking about patriotism and one about how we’re all just humans underneath our gender, race, religion, age, etc.

The motto for this organization is “Love Has No Labels.” I like that message. A lot. I like it because I believe in it. I like it because I need to be challenged about the assumptions I sometimes make about people. I like it because sometimes I’m not as accepting as I should be of people who are different than me.

If that makes sense to you, watch this. You might like it too.