What’s One Silly Dance You’d Like to Learn?

This might be the oddest question I’ve asked on this blog, because I’m not a dancer. Not at weddings, not at clubs, not even in the privacy of my home.

I’m not against dancing–not at all. It’s just not something I’m good at, and it’s far more awkward than fun for me. That shouldn’t matter at home, but it simply never occurs to me to break into dance. Do people do that?

However, here’s the twist: My most common way of “working out” these days is to take a 5-minute break from work to run in place, do some situps, and either do some pushups or pullups (not both–I’m not The Rock, folks).

It occurred to me the other day that I’m already doing something silly and fairly joyless (running in place). Why not have a little fun with it and dance in place instead? In fact, why not use that time to teach myself a silly dance?

So I settled on two silly dances. The first is from a New Year’s Eve episode of Friends. The other is from an episode of Key & Peele. They’re completely outlandish, but they might just be fun.

What’s a silly dance you’d like to learn?

6 thoughts on “What’s One Silly Dance You’d Like to Learn?”

  1. I try to take a “dance party break” a few times a week, and usually just freestyle to whatever music is playing on the old Alexa. I’m not a great dancer, but the years of dance classes have taught me some of the basics, so it at least feels like I know what I’m doing and can keep the beat.
    As far as learning a new dance move/style, I’d put swing on the top of my list (one of these days I’ll take a class for it).


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