Would You Want to Eat Like Tom Brady?

This is one of the most brilliant celebrity endorsements I’ve ever seen.

I say that as someone who doesn’t care about celebrity endorsements at all. The products a celebrity chooses to use or promote doesn’t impact me at all (at least not consciously).

I don’t care which brand of shoe LeBron James wears, what type of car Matthew McConaughey drives, or what type of pencil Patrick Rothfuss writes with. In fact, I seriously question the return on investment of such endorsements.

However, today I read about such a deal that transcends the others in such a way that I can’t help but be impressed. Purple Carrot, a prepared-meal subscription service, inked a deal with Tom Brady to deliver the same meals to you that Tom Brady eats. In fact, it’s so in line with what Tom Brady eats that from now on, he himself is now a subscriber to the service.

I think this is absolutely brilliant, particularly for capturing the significant contingent of New England Patriots fans who come close to worshiping Brady. Not only do they get to eat the same meal that Brady eats, but they get to feel like their health will trend towards Brady’s thanks to the diet. It says, “If I eat this, I’ll be as healthy as Tom Brady.”

In a way, that’s like other endorsed products (“If I wear these shoes, I’ll play basketball like LeBron James). But I think it matters that the meals are a consumable commodity–they’re having a direct impact on your health.

I think this is an exponentially more effective marketing tool than just having Brady appear on a commercial for Purple Carrot. And I think it helps that it’s a meal delivery service. I’m sure I could Google what Tom Brady eats, but I’m not going to do anything with that information. It has more meaning that the service prepares the same meal for me that they’re preparing for Tom Brady.

I’d love to see these types of endorsed meals extended to other celebrities known for excellent health, performance, or intelligence. I’d love to experience what it’s like to eat for a week like The Rock, Lionel Messi, or any of the American Ninja Warrior contestants.

Is there any celebrity whose diet you’d like to try out for a week if the meals were delivered to your front door?