My Greatest Fear #58: Texting to the Wrong Person

Okay, I’ll be honest: This is both a greatest fear and a greatest delight. I love imagining what the other person thought when they got the completely random text.

Like, imagine that in a few days, you got a text from me that said, “I was promised puppies.” Completely out of the blue, no context at all. I would be embarrassed about it, as I was the other day when I sent that text, but I’d also laugh at the absurdity of it.

It seems like I’m doing this more often lately, and I think I’ve figured out why. When I get a text on my iPhone, I can see it and reply to it on my lock screen. However, if I then open up the phone and go to the messenger app, it doesn’t open that conversation–rather, it reverts to the last conversation I had in the full app.

The real reason this is a greatest fear is that I have a few business partners that prefer text to email, much to my chagrin. So it was to one of those partners that I texted completely out of the blue a few weekends ago, “Sagrada is at D 13.” Fortunately they deciphered it.

Have you ever done this? What was the situation? Also, feel free to figure out the intended meaning of my two texts.