My Greatest Fear #58: Texting to the Wrong Person

Okay, I’ll be honest: This is both a greatest fear and a greatest delight. I love imagining what the other person thought when they got the completely random text.

Like, imagine that in a few days, you got a text from me that said, “I was promised puppies.” Completely out of the blue, no context at all. I would be embarrassed about it, as I was the other day when I sent that text, but I’d also laugh at the absurdity of it.

It seems like I’m doing this more often lately, and I think I’ve figured out why. When I get a text on my iPhone, I can see it and reply to it on my lock screen. However, if I then open up the phone and go to the messenger app, it doesn’t open that conversation–rather, it reverts to the last conversation I had in the full app.

The real reason this is a greatest fear is that I have a few business partners that prefer text to email, much to my chagrin. So it was to one of those partners that I texted completely out of the blue a few weekends ago, “Sagrada is at D 13.” Fortunately they deciphered it.

Have you ever done this? What was the situation? Also, feel free to figure out the intended meaning of my two texts.

5 thoughts on “My Greatest Fear #58: Texting to the Wrong Person”

  1. I did the whole “text door neighbor” thing a few weeks ago. The person responded and we ended up chatting the whole day. Never did anything else with it, but it was a really interesting social experiment.

    How is Sagrada? I almost backed it but didn’t. I’ve heard it has similarities to Roll Player, but everyone I’ve spoken to has said that RP > Sagrada. Your mileage may vary, but Roll Player is delightful.

  2. Also, I always find myself amused when someone leads with “okay, I’ll be honest” The spirit of the statement is one more of openness than honesty, but the letter of the statement says “I normally am deceitful but I am making an exception”

    • What is “text door neighbor”? Sounds interesting.

      I like both Sagrada and Roll Player for different reasons. Roll Player is all about dice manipulation, which is great if your brain is fully alert. Sagrada doesn’t have much dice manipulation at all, so your brain can relax more while playing it.

      I’m with you on “Honestly,” and similar statements. It’s pretty much an empty word, so I try to avoid using it. In this context I thought it was okay since I’m clarifying the statement at the top of the post. 🙂

  3. I’m guessing the second was at Geekway ave d13 is a booth or something.
    I think we should all expect puppies, so no guesses on the first one.
    The other week, I received some personal goodnight wishes from a friend. They had been meant for his wife, but weren’t too embarrassing, considering the potential.
    My wife has also texted a message intended for me, including a pet name, to a friend. It was a nice inside joke for a while.
    I’m sure I’m guilty, too, but I must have selective memory.

    • Chris: Geekway had a grid system set up in the main hall so you could identify the exact table you’re at. It made it easy to tell people where to meet you.

      Ha ha…hopefully you all got a good chuckle out of those errant texts. 🙂


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