My Greatest Fear #57: Posting on the Wrong Blog

You may or may not know this, but I write two blogs: This fun, whimsical blog, which is largely about content I consume, and the Stonemaier Games blog, which is largely about crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, and content I create.

I think there may be a small overlaps between the audiences, but the disparity in size between the two blogs is huge: The Stonemaier Games blog is read by 10x more people than this blog. Those people have signed up to learn about Kickstarter, not to get the latest scoop on my cats or a random Netflix original.

I use WordPress for both blogs, so as I’m typing this, the page looks nearly identical to my Stonemaier blog. Every night when I click “Publish” on this blog, I have a moment of panic: Did I just send a post about my greatest fear of getting stuck to something frozen to nearly 900 inboxes around the world?

I’ve never done this, but if/when I do, I’ll let you know.