The Photos of May 2017

I don’t have anything particularly interesting to write tonight, so I’ll flash some photos in front of you and hope you don’t notice the absence of substance.

There will be cats, though. Lots of cats.

This is a dessert I made for myself and my fellow Survivor viewers tonight. I invented something I will call “Fiji sweet potato banana balls,” fried them, and put them in vanilla ice cream. Yum!












Surely Biddy isnt trying to tell me he wants something…


















I spent 4 days last week at a game convention in St. Louis. This game, The Last Friday, was one of many good games I played.












Its very rare to see them sitting so close, but food brings them together.


















Walter spends a few hours every day soaking up the rays on his fluffy belly.












This has become a common sight a few minutes before the automatic feeder opens up.


















Sometimes you just have to crawl into a bag!











This was at Vista Ramen, the place where I had chuhai. Really good okonomiyaki too. 


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Photos of May 2017”

  1. I want those sweet potato banana balls in my mouth again! It was so good! Same goes to that okonomiyaki and chuhai…. *Drool*


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