What’s the Best Novel You’ve Read This Year?

I almost didn’t read what is now one of my favorite books of 2017.

A few months ago I was browsing Amazon in search of a fantasy novel when I noticed a book called Age of Myth. Both the name and the cover art screamed “generic fantasy,” so I almost moved on…but then I noticed the comparison to Brandon Sanderson and the wealth of 5-star reviews.

So I dug a little deeper. While reading the author’s introduction, I found that I appreciated both the process described below and the transparency.

The final point was really refreshing to read. A fantasy series with a certain beginning and end…because it’s already been written in full? Brilliant!

I’m happy to report that Age of Myth is everything I want in a fantasy novel: It focuses on a few interesting characters that you genuinely care about, it reveals a vast world at a reasonable pace, it’s funny at the right times and serious at the right times,and it builds to an epic conclusion.

I’ve discovered that the author, Michael J. Sullivan, had previously written several other novels in the same world (thousands of years apart). It’s been fascinating to revisit the same world through such different perspectives.

What’s the best novel you’ve read so far this year?