What Do You Eat to Honor Your Father?

On Saturday, the day before Father’s Day, I received an e-mail from my father that really touched me.

Among a few other things, the e-mail mentioned that he went to the grocery store. While I was there, he said, “I picked up a few things that reminded me of my father.”

He attached this photo:

I love that my dad decided to buy and consume a few things that he associated with his father. Taste and smell have a powerful impact on our memory, so I can imagine how cracking peanuts on the back porch, taking a swig of Miller High Life, and eating a spoonful of baked beans could bring back Grandpa for a few minutes.

I told Dad that I’d like to do this for him next year and in the years that follow, whether we’re separated by distance or time. I’d have to keep the peanuts–he loves those. I’d probably add in some Necco wafers, corn on the cob, and diluted juice. The man loves his diluted juice.

What are a few things you would eat to honor and remember you father?

4 Responses to “What Do You Eat to Honor Your Father?”

  1. Dave says:

    This is lovely idea to celebrate and remember.

  2. T-Mac says:

    For me it’d definitely be a pizza, and I’d probably have to throw a commemorative anchovy on there.

  3. Sean says:

    Love the idea, for me it would be beef stroganoff and sloppy joes. We used to have sloppy joes on weekends after working with my grandfather and father on the farm when I was young, and beef stroganoff was one of the dishes he taught me how to cook. We also love our chili.

  4. Nick says:

    Hard to think of any foods I associate with my Dad other than chocolate covered cherries which he loves as do I. Two things that every time I eat them remind me of my Grandpa are Cheez-Its and peanuts in a jar as he always had both of them sitting on an end table next to his recliner. I can’t eat those things without thinking about sitting in that recliner. I also used to always drink A&W root beer in a frosty mug at my grandparents throughout the summer so drinking it now sends me memories of my childhood.

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