Daniel Day-Lewis Will Not Be Playing You in a Biopic

Perhaps you’ve played this game: You and your friends take turns saying which famous actor you’d like to represent you if a movie is ever made about your life.

I’ve had this topic come up in conversation a few times over the years. Most people mention an actor who looks a little bit like them.

Not me, though. My choice is Daniel Day-Lewis. I think he might be the greatest actor of our time, and I’m pretty sure he could play anyone convincingly. I loved watching him in Last of the Mohicans, Gangs of New York, There Will Be Blood, and Lincoln.

Well, that dream is dead. Today Day-Lewis announced that he is retiring from acting.

I was genuinely saddened by this news. No details were given, but the fact that he made an announcement at all indicates to me that this is the choice that’s right for him, and I respect that. I hope he enjoys the next step in his life.

Now that Day-Lewis is off that board, I need to think of another actor to claim when the question arises again. DiCaprio is an excellent actor, but he’s so cool and confident. He’d have to tone it down quite a bit to play Jamey Stegmaier, but I bet he could pull it off.

What’s your favorite Daniel Day-Lewis movie? And who would you like to play you in a movie?