Have You Tried a Self-Pour Bar?

It’s a rare occasion that I go to a bar or brewery, but when I do, one of my favorite things is to try a flight of beer. I like to try a lot of different options in small doses.

So when a few friends mentioned that they were going to check out a place in St. Louis called Tapped, a self-pour bar, I invited myself along. Yes. I was that guy.

Tapped has 48 beers on tap (and 10 wines). When you arrive, you get a wristband that’s linked to your credit card. At your leisure, you can wander over to the taps on the wall, hold the wristband over a beer, and dispense as much as you’d like into a glass. There are pint glasses and smaller glasses for flights.

Here’s what it looks like:

I ended up trying about a dozen beers, just about a shot of each, and it cost me $10. My favorite is in the foreground of the above photo, Bent River Brewing Co’s “Uncommon Stout”. It’s a dark, creamy beer with a hint of coffee to it.

Also, while I was there to try beer and hang out with friends, the format makes it really easy to talk to other people at the tap. “Hey, have you tried this? How was that one?” As someone who has infamously been terrible at approaching women at bars, I like a casual excuse to say something.

Overall, I had a great time at Tapped. Have you ever been to place like this? What was your experience?