Pet Please #145: Cinema Wins

Have you heard of the YouTube channel Cinema Sins? It’s a humorous, cynical look at missteps, inconsistencies, and shortcomings in films. Every time a movie does something annoying, the host gives it a “sin point.”

I love dissecting movies, so there was a time when I genuinely enjoyed Cinema Sins. Sure, the host is a bit nitpicky, but that’s the point of the channel.

But over time, the negativity got to me. I stopped being interested in watching someone check off a list of stuff they didn’t like in a movie. So I unsubscribed and kind of forgot about it.

Enter Cinema Wins.

Cinema Wins is the exact opposite of Cinema Sins. Instead of bemoaning (albeit humorously) a movie’s faults, Cinema Wins celebrates all of the stuff that makes a movie great. Even bad movies have good moments, and Cinema Sins showcases them perfectly. I highly recommend it.

Is there a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel you subscribe to that celebrates what makes something great instead of beating on it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

5 Responses to “Pet Please #145: Cinema Wins”

  1. Joe Pilkus says:


    Truth be told, my daughter and I still love Cinema Sins, but we never subscribed to it. When we’re together with friends and/or family in Philly we’ll watch it for laughs. We’ll have to check out Cinema Wins.


  2. Stephen says:

    Deep dive analysis of a specific aspect of thing is my preferred way of seeing people express enthusiasm for things at the moment, for example this blog and other person’s youtube channel doing music theory analysis on video game music ( and

  3. emmalouklues says:

    I didn’t know about either of these sites! I appreciate the Cinema Sins, but it’s too much for me (literally, just too long for me to care). Cinema Wins is basically my internal monologue during every movie. Analyzing how we create, evolve, smash and change cultural norms through media (and language) is the only thing I would go back to school to study. Thank you for sharing these!

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  5. April Lindsey says:

    Please do Pixar’s Meet the Robinsons! It’s terrific and never gets any love!
    -April Lindsey

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