Pet Please #145: Cinema Wins

Have you heard of the YouTube channel Cinema Sins? It’s a humorous, cynical look at missteps, inconsistencies, and shortcomings in films. Every time a movie does something annoying, the host gives it a “sin point.”

I love dissecting movies, so there was a time when I genuinely enjoyed Cinema Sins. Sure, the host is a bit nitpicky, but that’s the point of the channel.

But over time, the negativity got to me. I stopped being interested in watching someone check off a list of stuff they didn’t like in a movie. So I unsubscribed and kind of forgot about it.

Enter Cinema Wins.

Cinema Wins is the exact opposite of Cinema Sins. Instead of bemoaning (albeit humorously) a movie’s faults, Cinema Wins celebrates all of the stuff that makes a movie great. Even bad movies have good moments, and Cinema Sins showcases them perfectly. I highly recommend it.

Is there a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel you subscribe to that celebrates what makes something great instead of beating on it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.