Do You Watch Rick and Morty?

I’m not into animated TV shows.

There’s no good reason for this. I fully acknowledge that there are quality animated shows for adults. I watched a lot of The Simpsons in college, and then I just stopped. Admittedly, I did pick up South Park a few years ago.

A few friends have been recommending Rick and Morty to me for a while, and this season I finally decided to give it a try. And man, was I missing out.

Now having watched Season 3 (but not the first two seasons), I understand why it’s a difficult pitch. My best attempt to describe the show is: A mad scientist and his mild-mannered grandson get into trouble and eventually outsmart everyone.

That sounds fine, but what really elevates the show is that the main characters talk about the world as if they’re in a TV show, kind of like Abed in Community. In fact, the Community reference is no coincidence, because Rick and Morty is created by Dan Harmon, the creator of Community.

One of my favorite episodes of Community was a clip show episode that showed short scenes from a bunch of previous episodes…except those previous episodes didn’t exist. Community, like all live-action shows, is limited by its budget, but this is where Rick and Morty shines: There was a similar clip show episode this season, and there must have been at least 20 clips–maybe more–throughout the episode. It was stunning.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for me about Rick and Morty is that in a relatively lighthearted 22-minute comedy, I’m engaged to the point that I want to know what happens next and I want to know what happened in the past. I’ll soon be signing up for Hulu to remedy the latter problem, and I can’t wait for Season 4.

Have you watched Rick and Morty? What do you think? Do you watch any animated shows?

10 thoughts on “Do You Watch Rick and Morty?”

  1. Love the show. All 3 seasons. You are gonna be blown away by some of the Season 1 and 2 eps. This was a pretty strong season overall (great on action gags like Pickle Rick, Prez vs. Rick, etc.), but Season 1 and 2 have some awesome moments. Wait until you see the Meesies and the “Keep Summer Safe” episode.

  2. Love the show, its good week to week, and there is an over arching plot that goes well. I got to do a Live Action Role play with Kettle of Fish at Gencon this year which was a “live Action Rickplay”, ended up being Rick Prime, it was an epic couple of hours. I’m looking forward to season 4, whenever it airs.

  3. “Hey i’m mr Vindeux look at meee !!!!”
    I discover Rick and Morty by Netflix, now my best TV shows, i think
    It was a shock, the serie is really trash, but in a sort of good way, talking about a lot of human issue.
    The serie seems fatalist, but not really in fact, it’s more a cathartic serie

    I’m hurry to watch the Season 3 !!!

  4. Your comments make me really excited to watch seasons 1 and 2 for the first time! The only episode I’ve seen from those seasons is Total Rickall.

  5. It’s impossible to describe the show to someone who hasn’t seen it. Especially when you toss in that it’s possibly the smartest show on TV right now. The best I’ve come up with is it’s sort of what Dr Who would be if it was on HBO with an infinite budget.

  6. I guess I’d pitch it as “Doctor Who meets Sliders but more comedic, cynical, and with a better sense of how to build an ongoing narrative than either”

    Got into it just at the start of S3, finishing S1-2 about a week before S3 started outside of the April 1st season prelaunch. You’ve got some cracking episodes coming up when you catch up, though I’d recommend not eating during the inter-dimensional cable episodes.


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