Pet Please #151: When You Figure Out a Voice Actor Without IMDB

Recently my TiVo managed to capture seasons 1 and 2 of Rick and Morty, which is great, because I only got into it during the third season. It continues to amaze me by how good it is.

I realized today, though, that one of my favorite things about watching Rick and Morty are the wide variety of guest voice actors features on the show. This leads to my pet please: When you figure out who is voicing a character without consulting IMDB (or waiting for the end credits).

Have you ever been watching an animated show or movie where you recognize a voice but can’t quite put a name to it? That’s me, pretty much always. So in the rare chance that I figure it out, it’s a huge relief. Otherwise I end up agonizing through the uncertainty for the rest of the show/movie.

Somehow I’ve had a pretty good track record with Rick and Morty so far, despite the actors looking and acting so differently in real life than their animated characters. I was particularly pleased yesterday when I figured out Stephen Colbert and Nathan Fielder within the same episode. It was my greatest accomplishment of the day.

When was the the last time you did this?