Confession: I Can’t Tell the Difference Between Walnuts and Pecans

I have a friend who is red-green colorblind. He can see most colors–in fact, he can see blue better than most people–but reds and greens? They’re all the same to him.

I’ve realized recently that I’m walnut-pecan nutblind.

A few weeks ago, a friend made a dessert, and I told her how much I liked the walnuts in it. She said there were no walnuts, just pecans. Then a few days ago I bought a nut mix containing what I thought were pecans. As it turns out, they’re actually walnuts.

I started to suspect that walnuts and pecans were actually the same nut (like John Oliver’s theory about the Olsen twins). So I turned to the internet and found these photos:

Okay, so I know these are different nuts. They’re clearly different shapes…but out of context, in a jar of mixed nuts, they look the same to me. They both have a similar shape and texture, and I’m pretty sure they taste similar too.

Fortunately, walnut-pecan nutblindness isn’t something that impacts my daily life. I’ve managed to have a successful career in board game publishing despite this issue. It might be a problem if I were deathly allergic to one and not the other, but that’s not the case. I’m lucky.

Do you have any food blindness?