What Are the Best 20 Minutes of a Soccer Game?

Today I was really excited about a huge game in the English Premier League, Manchester United hosting Manchester City. They’re the top 2 teams in the EPL right now.

The problem is, I had a busy day (some work, some play), and I didn’t have time to watch 90 minutes of soccer. So I set my TiVo to record it, and I sat down to watch it during lunch. My intention was to watch about 20 minutes of it.

But here’s the puzzle: Which 20 minutes are the best 20 minutes? I wanted to see the goals, but I also wanted to see some all-out gameplay. Soccer may not be interesting to everyone, but to a soccer player like me, watching nice passes, ball control, and defense is almost just as good as a quality goal.

I ended up choosing the following:

  • Minutes 25-30: I figured this is when players are into the rhythm of the game and want to make something happen, but they’re not tired yet.
  • Minutes 40-45: Teams often make a push right before halftime, especially if they’re behind or feel like they should have scored already.
  • Minutes 65-70: This was pretty random–I wasn’t sure when to watch this part of the game.
  • Minutes 85+: Even though players are tired, this can be a dramatic part of the game for one team. The downside is that a team in the lead is typically trying to slow down the game at this point, but I can fast forward through those parts.

What do you think? If you had 20 minutes to watch a 90-minute soccer game (or any sport you love), which 20 minutes would you choose?