The Future of Lab Testing

I watch Shark Tank every week, and I learn a lot from the questions asked by the investors and the innovative approaches taken by entrepreneurs. But it’s exceptionally rare that I actually buy something I learn about on the show. Today was an exception to that rule.

I love products and services that save me time and convenience (without being outrageously priced). So when I heard the pitch for Everlywell, a service that allows you to gather lab test samples at home and mail them for testing and physician review, I was really intrigued.

Here’s why I like it: I’ve been trying to go to the doctor every year. And I’ll continue to do that. But usually I go to the doctor, get my checkup, and then he tells me to come back on a different day for a lab test. Usually this means driving first thing in the morning the the doctor’s office on an empty stomach to have my blood drawn for 5 minutes. There’s a lot of unnecessary time involved.

So I’ve decided to give Everlywell a chance. I just ordered the cholesterol test for $79, and it’ll be delivered to me in a day or so. I’ll give myself a finger prick (which I’m not excited about, but it’s a small price to pay), complete the sample, and mail it back. Within a few days I’ll have my results.

I think it’s pretty cool. When I completed my order, Everlywell sent me a promo code to share, so if you want to give it a try, feel free to use this link to get a discount. There are over 20 tests to choose from.

I’ll blog about it here after I use the kit, and I’ll let you know what I think! How do you feel about taking this kind of test at home? Is it worth the convenience to you?