Dream Room #1: The Ball Room

When I was 10 years old, I thought I wanted to be an architect. I was particularly fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright and Thomas Jefferson (he designed a lot of the architecture at the University of Virginia, where I attended summer camp).

In hindsight, I didn’t actually want to be an architect. I’m not that patient or detail oriented. Nothing I’ve ever done has been up to code. It just wouldn’t work.

What I really wanted was to live in a really cool house someday. A house with lots of different rooms, each with a specific purpose.

So I’m starting a new ongoing series for the blog in which I’ll describe these rooms, and you can let me know if they make any sense. I doubt I’ll ever have a house like this–I’m not sure I’d even want a big house–but it’s fun to imagine what it would be like.

The first room also dates back to my childhood. For some reason I really loved those big pits filled with plastic balls at McDonald’s and Burger King. I think it may be because we ate fast food so rarely–it really seemed like a treat. But there’s also something wonderful about jumping into a vat of plastic balls. They could even be painted gold so I can feel like Scrooge McDuck (diving into a pile of gold coins would be quite painful).

What’s a playful room of childhood nostalgia you would put in your dream house?