Dream Room #6: The Fictional Room

It’s time to continue my occasional series about rooms I’d love to have in my house if I can ever afford to design such a place. So far I’ve discussed a ball room, cat tower room, game room(s), and shower room. Today I’d like to propose the merits of a fictional room. The room itself … Read more

Dream Room #2: Cat Tower Room

My entire condo is basically a playground for my cats. They control most spaces, and they allow me to use the remaining spaces as long as I continue to provide them with food and water. Case in point: Biddy is currently sleeping on my desk chair, and Walter is standing by the food dispenser while … Read more

Dream Room #1: The Ball Room

When I was 10 years old, I thought I wanted to be an architect. I was particularly fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright and Thomas Jefferson (he designed a lot of the architecture at the University of Virginia, where I attended summer camp). In hindsight, I didn’t actually want to be an architect. I’m not that … Read more