Dream Room #3: Game Rooms

I love hosting game nights.

Part of it is that given the choice to leave my condo or stay at my condo, I’ll choose to stay 9 times out of 10. Another part is that I love to play games, of course.

So I host game night every Wednesday for a few hours. It’s a low-key affair with 10-12 people. I usually make sure there’s candy to munch on and drinks in the fridge, though people often bring stuff to share.

As game night has grown and evolved, I’ve realized how much the space itself truly matters. I think I mentioned this a while ago when I replaced an old shelf with an elegant Kallax. It makes a big difference.

So if I ever had the opportunity to expand beyond a 3-room condo into a space where I could offer a better game night experience, here’s what I have in mind:

I don’t think one game room is sufficient, especially in a group where we play different types of games. I think people like sharing the same space, though, so I imagine several rooms that are partially open to each other:

  1. A room for quiet, thinky games that players already know.
  2. A room for teaching new games (more noise buffering here).
  3. A room for louder, more social games (even more noise buffering here).
  4. A room for campaign games (ongoing games from week to week that you don’t want to have to set up and take down each time you play).

Each room would have fancy game tables, of course.

So it’s essentially one big room subdivided into 4 sections. Each one might even have a different theme. One might have stone walls so you feel like you’re playing in Hogwarts or a castle. Another might have dark-stained wood walls like the Shire in Lord of the Rings. Maybe one could be decorated with images from my games?

If you had an unlimited budget and space in your house, how would you structure your gaming area?