Top 10 Games I Want to Play for the First Time at Geekway Mini

I know, I just posted a top-10 list about board games last week. I even included games I wanted to play in 2017 but didn’t get the chance.

But…I’m attending a small game convention in a few days (Geekway Mini), and there are games I want to play there. So it’s on my mind. So I’m writing about it.

The qualifications for these games are that (a) I haven’t played them and (b) no one I know owns them. Basically, I’m curious about these games as both a gamer (who might buy them if I love them) and a designer (who wants to learn from clever designs).

The first half of the last are newer games, while the second half are a little older:

  • Rajas of the Ganges: I’ve heard this has a neat crossover mechanism between the VP and time tracks (or something like that).
  • Vengeance: The Ding & Dent early review of this game really had me hooked. It sounds like you get to play through a revenge movie!
  • Bunny Kingdom: This one seems to have flown under the radar among gamers, but I’ve heard wonderful things about how simple, deep, and fun it is.
  • When I Dream: I love the concept that one player wears a sleep mask and the other players try to give them clues (but one person is leading the astray).
  • Indian Summer: Polyomino games like Patchwork make my brain happy, as does Uwe Rosenberg. I need to try this.
  • Quest for El Dorado: I’ve heard this is similar–but different–to Clank, a deckbuilding, dungeon-dash game I really enjoy.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The team mechanisms in this seem really interesting, particularly the shared dice.
  • The Golden Ages: I’m working on a civ game, and I’ve heard this is a solid, rules-light entry into that genre.
  • Lords of Vegas: I’m in the mood to roll some dice, Euro style, so this seems like a good way to do that.
  • Carson City: I think someone told me this is a game where players construct buildings that are used as action spaces, a mechanism I love.

Do you recommend any of these above the others? What games are you looking to try before you buy this year?

Oh, and if you’ll be at Geekway Mini and want to play any of these games with me, I’m in!

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  1. Charles Dionne says:

    Rajas is one of my favorites from last year so I recommend that one 🙂 I’ve also heard good things about Bunny Kingdom recently from a trusted friend whose opinion I trust. I thought it looked a bit too light at Gen Con but it looks like I might have been wrong!

    There are a few Essen releases I would really love to try – Pulsar 2849, Pioneer Days, and Isle of Skye: Journeyman – but I don’t if I’ll get the chance to try them anytime soon so I might have to buy anyway 🙂

  2. Conor McGoey says:

    In Essen, Paul (of Quinned Games) traded me Carson City for Summit and I finally got it to the table over the holidays. I’ve only had one play, but I really enjoy it. I got the big box (or black box?) addition and there is A TON in there.
    We just scratched the surface but I can tell I’m going to love it. Worker placement, area control and some direct play interaction with duels – what’s not to love?
    Although a side note, (speaking after only one game, and only using the recommended starting buildings) the building aren’t really used as actions. It’s an action to buy them, maybe duel over them, but then they simply generate income and firepower depending on location and other buildings you control or nearby.
    Totally worth a play! 🙂
    And if you don’t get it to table, I’ll bring it to Gen Con for us 😉

  3. Sam says:

    Lords of Vegas is a classic. Recently been enjoying both Rajas and El Dorado.

  4. Joel Hansen says:

    Judging by your designs, I imagine you’ll love Carson City. I have the same hope to try Bunny Kingdom before buying it. I hope you get a chance to try it.

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      It does sound like that for Carson City! 🙂 I’ll let you know what I think of Bunny Kingdom on my YouTube channel if I get to play it.

  5. Jason Dobson says:

    Solid list! The only one I can really chime in about is Bunny Kingdom, which I still have on my shelf. I’m sure you’ve heard people say that the board is too small, and it is. However, I’ve been able to overlook this design oversight thanks to drafting that is really quite fun thanks to a HUGE assortment (and variety) of cards in the box.

    I hope you have a lot of fun at the con! Will you be at the larger Geekway in May? If so, I hope we (at long last) get a game in together!

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